Tuesday, February 5, 2008

A Little about my sketches and the layouts.

Hopefully you notice the graphic design of my sketches getting better over time. I am trying out new (and free software), a much needed upgrade from paint. So as I become more familar with manipulating the software, the quality of my sketches should improve. I actually draw all my sketches by hand first, but I am definetly not an accomplished freehand artist so I am trying to convert those drawings into a graphic image. I do plan on posting scanned images of my hand drawn sketches too and would love to get feedback on which format people enjoy most.

All of the layouts posted here are my own creative works unless otherwise noted. I do have several sketch sites that I use as scrapping inspiration myself and will be providing links to their sites in the near future. If I post a layout using someone else's sketch I'll try to provide a link to the orginal artist's website for you.


Jenny said...

You know I'm a fan of your sketches. But I really get a better sense of the layout when you post a sketch and your actual layout. Your layouts are great and sometimes I don't feel the sketches do them justice. Please keep posting layouts too! Thanks.

Tammy said...

I am amazed. Great work!